New Microsoft certified driver package from IDS!

new certified driver 4.20

Driver version 4.20 boasts a range of new features, including 36 bit color preprocessing in the camera for even better color fidelity as well as an image sharpness function. The new driver additionally features a multi- camera demo for opening several cameras and to sending a software trigger simultaneously to all cameras.

USB 3.0 cameras benefit from hardware based hot pixel correction, color conversion. LUT and gamma for even better image quality and a significantly reduced CPU load. Pre- and post-trigger functions are now available for all GigE cameras. uEye cameras with CCD sensors and hardware revision 3 offer improved exposure time and up to twice as high frame rates compared to previous models. Additionally, USB models with CCD sensors now offer 12 bit per pixel for enhanced image quality and greater detail.

Driver version 4.20 is also certified by Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). A WHQL certified driver meets specific criteria and is issued with a Windows logo and a digital signature. Hence, the driver’s reliability and compatibility with Windows operating systems is confirmed. In short, no more warning messages from the operating system when connecting the cameras and users additionally benefit from enhanced security.

uEye cameras in the field will also benefit from the new features with a simple driver update. The new WHQL certified driver 4.20is available to download free of charge at: