Maximum flexibility with cable lengths of up to 100 m!

Gigabit-Ethernet boardlevel camera featuring a 5 Megapixel Aptina CMOS sensor

With a size of only 45 x 45 the GigE uEye LE is one of the most compact boardlevel Gigabit-Ethernet cameras in the market. The cameras offer exceptional flexibility in all industrial environments thanks to their space-saving design and maximum cable lengths of up to 100 meters.

The cameras also offer easy integration due to trigger, flash, two general purpose I/Os and an I2C-Bus for controlling external devices. An internal image memory of 60 MB for decoupling image acquisition and transfer make the camera the perfect choice for all industrial applications.

The GigE uEye LE is also available with either M12 lens holder for inexpensive S mount lenses or a CS lens mount.

For further information regarding the great range of Gigabit-Ethernet LE boardlevel cameras visit the IDS Webseite.