VDMA の動画:機械工学と若手のプロフェッショナル

IDS エンジニアとのインタビュー

Tobias Holzhäuer - Young Professional at IDS
Young professionals are consistantly finding attractive jobs in mechanical engineering; hardly any other industry is so versatile and brings together differing disciplines so frequently. According to the latest VDMA (German Engineering Association) Engineering Survey, the number of mechanical engineers is currently at a record 199,800. Compared to the previous survey in 2016, this is an absolute increase of 9,200 jobs.
No wonder, because as a supplier and user, mechanical engineering - and thus also IDS as component manufacturer- is at the heart of today's and tomorrow's technologies, providing solutions and making things possible. Clever minds with motivation are welcome here - there is a lot to discover and to develop  out there!
The VDMA interviewed Tobias Holzhäuer - Young Professional at IDS - as an example for many young engineers. The result is an exciting film.