IDS Vision cameras - firmware update


Intended use of this command line tool   

Use this tool to update your IDS GigE and USB3 Vision cameras.

First start   

In case of a GigE Vision camera make sure that the camera has a valid IP address!

  1. Open the command line tool in the GUF directory.
  2. List all available cameras with:
    ids_deviceupdate.exe --list-all
  3. You can also list all available cameras with their current firmware version:
    ids_deviceupdate.exe --list-device-versions
  4. Select a specific camera by the last digits of its serial number and start the update:
    e.g. ids_deviceupdate.exe -s *7362 -U --guf c:\GUF\GV-528x-C.guf
  5. Confirm the update with "y".
    A firmware update may last several seconds. Wait until it is finished.

Further options of the firmware update tool are listed below.

Options of the command line tool   

Common options

-h [ --help ] Produce help message
--usage [=arg(=0)] Print usage examples (detail level 0=Beginner, 1=Expert, 2=Guru)
-v [ --version ] Print version string
--wait-timeout arg (=0) General wait timeout in ms. (Considered by chosen functions only!)
-V [ --verbose ] arg (=1) Set verbosity level (-3=Silent, -2=Output, -1=Error, 0=Warning, 1=Info, 2=Extra)
--stop-on-error [=arg(=0)] Stop on Error and do not close the console immediately.

Cti selection

--cti arg Select cti file (e.g. --cti "Path/tl.cti").
--cti-dirs arg Select cti search directories (e.g. --cti-by-type "Path/folderWithcits").
--cti-by-type arg Select cti by type (e.g. --cti-by-type "MIXED" or "GEV" or "U3V").
--cti-by-vendor arg Select cti by vendor name (e.g. --cti-by-vendor "IDS Imaging Development Systems GmbH").
--list-ctis List ctis
--cti-info Print cti info for all detected ctis.

Interface selection

--list-interfaces List interfaces
--interface-by-id arg Select interface by id (e.g. --interface-by-id "IDS GigE Vision Ifc@90-E2-BA-B4-02-19").
--interface-by-type arg Select interface by type (e.g. --interface-by-type "U3V" or "GEV").
-M [ --interface-by-mac ] arg Select GigE Vision interface by mac (e.g. -M "00:1b:a2:20:09:0c").
-I [ --interface-by-ip ] arg Select GigE Vision interface by IP (e.g. -I "").

Device selection

-L [ --list-devices ] List devices.
-l [ --list-all ] List interfaces and devices.
-u [ --device-by-user-name ] arg Select device by user defined name (e.g. -u "camera").
-s [ --device-by-serial ] arg Select device by serial number (e.g. -s "4103114690").
-m [ --device-by-mac ] arg Select GigE Vision device by mac (e.g. -m "00:1b:a2:20:09:0c").
--device-by-ip arg Select GigE Vision device by ip (e.g. --device-by-ip "").
--device-by-id arg Select device by id (e.g. --device-by-id IDS/GV-526xFA-C/4103114690).
--device-by-model arg Select device by model name (e.g. --device-by-model "GV-526xFA-C").
--wait-for-devices [=arg(=1)] Wait until number of devices becomes available. One may specify a wait timeout by the option --wait-timeout, floored to 200ms.

Firmware update

-g [ --guf ] arg Select single guf file (e.g. -g "Path/update.guf").
-G [ --guf-dir ] arg Select all guf files in directory (e.g. -G "Path/folderWithGufs").
-P [ --list-updates ] List info about guf file.
--list-updateable-devices List available updatable devices fitting to guf file.
--list-device-versions List version info of available devices.
-U [ --update-latest ] Update to latest version.
-f [ --force ] Force update. Do not prompt.
--parallel Update multiple devices simultaneously.


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